So, What's New in WinPed 10?

Please check the WinPed version shown on your CD (or under the About menu in the program)

then check all the features that were added since then (as shown below).

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What's New in WinPed 10 Editions (April, 2009)

What's in those New WinPed_Editions (June, 2008)

Three new editions are introduced:

For a tabulated summary of the features of each edition click here

What's New in WinPed_9.9 (February, 2008)

What's New in WinPed_9.8 (November, 2007)

What's New in WinPed_9.7 (March, 2007)

You can import 3-, 4-, or 5-generation pedigrees (as usual, here 5-generations means 5 generations behind the animal which is considered 6-generations in some databases).

Also, if you prefer, you may use Ctrl+C to copy highlighted information to the clipboard, and use Ctrl+V to paste it.

While you are in MS-Word window, edit the entries inside the frames (if needed) by deleting lengthy descriptions (as in some German pedigrees), fill in any blank boxes (unknown ancestors) with some xxxxxx (as in incomplete pedigrees), then highlight the frames (or boxes) on that MS-Word page, press Ctrl+C, and paste that info (Ctrl+V) in WinPed's Import window.  Now click on the Convert button.

Note: Many framed pedigrees including those generated by Sit Stay or at can be (should be) copied and pasted in WinPed's Import window directly, without having to copy and paste them in MS-Word first.  Edit the extra lines (if any), select "Names From Table" and click on "Send to WinPed".  Done!  And similarly, practically all unframed pedigrees can be copied and pasted directly into WinPed's Import window (as before).

Note: Some databases require permission, membership, or a one-time fee to use them. (especially for Cat breeds and a few Dog breeds),, and several others are presently Free.

What's New in WinPed_9.6 (October, 2006)

        Am/Can GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM OFA GS-401 (7,6,7,6,7,7,7,7,7,6,6,7 - 7,7,7,7,7,7,6,6,7,5,6,7) , 26.56%

where Lance's genetic contribution (blood contribution) adds up to 26.56%, which is more than what he would have contributed (25%) if his name appeared in the 2nd generation as a grand sire.  Note that Lance's name shows up only once in the 5th generation on the Dam's side and that his genetic contribution primarily comes from the 6th and 7th generations on both sire and dam sides. 

Explanation: The numbers in parentheses to the left of the dash denote the generations where Lance's name appears on the Sire's side, and those to the right of the dash denote the generations where his name appears on the Dam's side.  Note, 6-generations means 6-generations behind the animal (or 127 names in the pedigree) and 7-generations means 7-generations behind the animal (or 255 names in the pedigree).

What's New in WinPed_9.5 (February, 2005)

What's New in WinPed_9.4 (October, 2004)

What's New in WinPed_9.3 (March, 2004)

What's new in WinPed_9.2 (December, 2003)

        *  There are two forms one for Income and one for Expenses.  Each form is arranged like a small book with 12 pages (tabs) and each page holds 17 rows.  A row is composed of 3 boxes to enter your data: Date, Item, and $Amount.

        * You can be as detailed or as brief as you want in your Item descriptions.  For long Item entries, press F1 on your Keyboard (or double-click the item box), to display the content in a bigger box for viewing or editing.  For clearer organization of the typed material, you can create paragraphs by pressing <Enter> on your keyboard.  When done press F1 again (or double-click) to close the Editing box and transfer the text to the Item box.  It sure beats scrolling back and forth in the Item box.

        There is a Find text.  The program will search all entries (including Dates, Items, and $Amount) and highlight those it found with a Red background.  Original color backgrounds are restored by clicking the Clear Red BG button or closing the Find window.

        *  There is a Calendar to click the dates on and to enter them, in a uniform way, in the date boxes.  Click a date, then click the date box.  Also, if a date box is empty, and the cursor is in it, then just press <Enter> on your Keyboard and the date on the Calendar will be entered in the blank date box.  To change a date either click it to edit it for a simple change, or double-click it to replace it with the one you pre-selected on the Calendar.

        *  There are 15 Categories with different designated colors.  Click on the category radio button and the mouse icon changes to an Arrow and a Question Mark (this sounds familiar to previous users of WinPed) and then click on the $Amount box to color it with the same color as the Category you selected (and thus associate the $Amount with the Category).  You fill in the Category names as you go.  None are pre-assigned.

        *  Income and Expenses files are saved separately, and you can create as many as you need, for the present and for future years.

        *  Program calculates Totals for a Month, a Quarter, and Year to Date.  Program also calculates Totals by Category.  

        *  On the Income form, it calculates Projected Income by Category and also a Year-End (and a Month-End) Total Projected Income.   The Projected Incomes change as the days go by and as your 'average daily income' changes.

        *  On the Expenses form you can enter estimated Budgets for the various Categories.

        *  You can Sort your entries by Date or Group them by Category.

        *  You may Print your data for a Month, a Quarter, or a Year to Date, in one of two forms: a short form or a Long Form.  The Long Form is for long entries in the Item boxes that you may wish to see in detail (with word wrap lines, for as many lines as you may have in the Item box), otherwise if you select the short form then only the 50 characters will be printed and you reduce the amount of printed paper.  If the entries do not exceed 50 characters, then the two forms will be about the same.  

        *  You may also print Year to Date sums by Category.

        *  The program also calculates Net Profit (Loss).

        *  It is a very flexible program and if you need to use more Entries or more Categories, you can create a new file for what you need and save it separately.

What's new in WinPed_9.1 (July, 2003)

What's new in WinPed_9.0 (March, 2003)

        * Five lines of text (or 600 characters, instead of 240 characters) are now available for your Special Notes of additional guarantees or conditions that you may wish to include in the contract.

        * Check boxes in the Quality section that describe the quality of the animal being sold were increased to 13 boxes: which in addition to Pet, Showable, or Show, now include: Agility, Companion, Field, Herding, Hunting, Obedience, Protection, Schutzhund, Sledding, and Tracking.  Printing anything from the Quality section is completely optional.

       * Definitions of Pet, Showable, and Show (and a separate Definition for Limited Registration) are optionally printed on a separate page or on the back of the Contract.

       * Selling by Installments can be included in the contract.   Features include Total Price, amount of Down Payment, Remaining Balance, Number of Installments for Remaining Balance, and Payment Schedule (Biweekly, Monthly, or Bimonthly, etc.).  All necessary calculations are made by WinPed.

       * When you save the contract, all selected and unselected check boxes and all filled in information is also saved.

What's new in WinPed_8.9 (January, 2002)

What's new in WinPed_8.8 (November, 2001)

What's new in WinPed_8.7 (October, 1999)

What's new in WinPed_8.6

What's new in WinPed_8.5

What's New in WinPed_8.4:

What's New in WinPed_8.3:

What's new in WinPed_8.2:



Features added to WinPed from version 7.6 to version 8.1

(Updated October 11, 1997)

What's New in WinPed 7.7:

*** A new menu added for Import/Export:

(i) Import is a new addition in WinPed 7.7 and it allows you to bring into WinPed: 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-Generation Pedigree files, that would have been copied to your word processor (WordPad), using copy and paste, from e-mail or from the World Wide Web (WWW) on the Internet. (Always respect copyright notices and check with the copyright owner.) This feature was much improved later in version 7.8.

(ii) Export now has new features: both portrait and landscape mode, scroll bars, easy access to WordPad, and a nicer font.

*** A new option was added for printing horizontal and vertical lines on a pedigree certificate.

*** A new form for Sales Contracts was added.

*** The Text Colors box (in the lower left corner of the main window) was redesigned and split into two boxes. The AutoColor button is now bigger, a new Chng2Black button was added (instead of being under a menu option) and manual text coloring functions were redesigned.

*** Overall WinPed7.7 is much faster than WinPed7.6, especially in using the File Utility routines where things used to slow down because of long file names when the number of files approached 1000. The display of the long file names is now nearly 20 times faster!, and accordingly the caution message in File Utilities menu, about slow performance (as the number of pedigree files approaches 1000) has been removed.

What's New in WinPed 7.8

*** The Business Name is automatically saved in a special Folder and automatically loaded every time you used the program, so that there will no longer be the annoying message about loading the Business Name file, unless it is an empty file and you did not save it as a default file when prompted to do so the very first time you used the program.

Technical Note: In version 7.9 the path was changed from (C:\Windows\WinPed_Stuff) to a simpler path of C:\WinPed. In either case, you did not have to know that or to type anything special.

*** If you have a lot of files in a folder, then to ‘Open’ (or to ‘Load and Paste’) a file you need not type *KeyName* , just type the KeyName and WinPed will put the *’s around the name and find the list of files that contain that KeyName. A KeyName is ANY set of successive characters in the file name you wish to load. If you type *KeyName* then this will still work, and will override WinPed’s attempt to save you a few keystrokes. Careful with using only one *.

*** The Simple Stat. fields for titles (like Ch., CDX, etc.) are now all optional so that you can use titles that are more suitable to your breed (for example: JH, ORC, etc.). A set of default titles (Ch., Sel., GV, ROM, VA, and SchH is loaded when you start the program. These titles may be edited and replaced with others, then when the pedigree is saved these titles are saved with it. You can also save these titles as a new set of default titles that will be automatically loaded when you start the program. If you load a pedigree, from an older version of the program, and that pedigree did not contain Simple Stat. titles, then the title boxes will be blank (for that pedigree) until you type something in them. The report that contains the Simple Stat. data now reflects those new titles.

*** In the Simple Stat., a smarter search routine is now used which can differentiate between two titles like CD and CDX or WD and WDX, so that it would not count the CD in CDX twice.

*** You can now import all 3 types of pedigree formats from e-mail, and the WWW including those presented in a Table with several cells (boxes).

*** There is a Spare Screen for Importing pedigrees using copy and paste. It is no longer necessary to import a pedigree that you would have saved as a text file, ... etc., as it was in version 7.7. Importing a pedigree into the Spare Screen is much simpler and more visual in version 7.8

*** You can now print a Frame made of two solid lines, one thick and one thin, in color (Black, Blue, or Red), around the pedigree at the same time as you print the pedigree.

*** Using Upper and Lower Case now detects the presence of commas and parenthesis and work more intelligently. For example: CD, ROM, OFA or (OFA) will now automatically remain in upper case instead of getting Cd, Rom, or (Ofa) etc.

*** Several Sporting, Herding, and Agility titles were added so that they are automatically capitalized (using Upper and Lower Case) and appropriately colored (using AutoColor).

*** Accessing Borders is now through the Print menu, instead of using a separate menu. A Borders and Exit Borders button was added to the Print 'Window'.

What's New in Version 7.9:

*** Option to Print 3-Generations has been added to already existing 4- and 5-Generations, mainly to accommodate the printing of Pictures

*** Loading, viewing and printing of Pictures is now possible. Picture are printed with 3- or 4-Generations in portrait or landscape orientation (on letter, legal, or tabloid size paper). Pictures are automatically sized, automatically located on paper, and automatically printed at the same time as the pedigree is printed.

*** More features were added to the Import (or Spare) Screen, to accommodate importing 4 different types of pedigree formats from e-mail, the Internet, the www, or a word processor. And, it is still as simple as copy and paste.

*** A new button was added, on the Print window, for quick access to edit and change color of Business Name data.

*** The Print window was redesigned, to accommodate a check box to print Picture, and all sorts of precautions and messages were added to minimize the possibility of printing a picture where it should not be done (e.g. Attempting to print picture and 5-generations, Business name, Basic Info., LineBreeding, and certification, on letter size paper, in landscape orientation. There is just not enough space to print all this while maintaining legibility of text and picture.) Also more pleasing colors were used in the Print window.

*** The following file formats for a picture are acceptable: GIF, JPG, BMP, and several others. PCX file formats cannot be loaded at this time. If you have some it should be easy to convert them to GIF or JPG using a program like PaintShop Pro version 4.12 by JASC.

*** New visual tools were added under the View menu where, at a glance, you can see the distribution of repeated names in a 5-Generation pedigree form, displayed on a single screen. This distribution is a visual measure of line breeding and inbreeding. As if you got a marker pen and colored all the repeated name entries. You may also see the distribution of OFA animals, or the distribution of any word(s) you wish to test for, like titles: Ch., SchH, ROM, JH, AO, WDX, or a Name, .. anything you can think of. Entries that contain the word(s) you search for turn red, whereas the other entries remain white.

*** As mentioned earlier, the special utility screen that allowed copying, renaming, moving, deleting, etc. file names is no longer a part of WinPed_7.9 because all it offered can be accomplished by using the Open-file dialog box (that’s the window that you see when you select Open from the File menu). Just click on a file name (or on a folder name), keep the mouse pointer on the name and click right mouse button. Now select: copy, cut, rename, delete, etc. If you select copy or cut, then you can select a different folder click right mouse button again and now use paste, to paste it in this other folder. To create a new folder, click on the new folder icon on the Open-file dialog box, a folder icon will be created and its name will be ‘New Folder’. Type the new name for this new folder.

Note: To cut, copy, etc., several files or folders in one ‘sweep’ (i.e. extended selections, using the Ctrl- or Shift-key) use Windows Explorer.

What’s New in Version 8.0:

*** A Stud Service Contract has been added.

*** A Show Record Form has been added, which includes Show name, location, handler’s name, judge’s name, class entered, placing, etc. and Also includes a multi-line text box for judge’s comments and/or your comments. Expenses for that show, entry fee, handler fee, transportation, etc.

*** Distribution of Repeated Names (which gives a visual representation of the amount of inbreeding and line breeding present on a 5 generation pedigree chart), and you can also print this chart.

*** Distribution of Anything in a loaded pedigree: name, title, working title, . . . , a visual representation of anything you wish to see in a 5 generation Pedigree. Like using a marker pen to highlight all the dogs that are OFA, or ROM, or Ch., . etc.

*** Several improvements were made in printing pedigrees that include a picture.

What’s New in Version 8.1:

*** Now you can load a picture or clip art, in any of the acceptable file formats (see above), and use it to create a decorative border and print it at the same time as you print the pedigree. The old borders were eliminated from the program, because they required a separate printing pass. Now the choices for a border pattern are infinite.

*** The Print window was redesigned to accommodate the new Border options.

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